The Only Soul Mate in My Life!

A few days back one of my friends posted on her timeline,” What do you think, who is your soul mate“? Many answered their partner’s name which is quite obvious to come from a married woman. Few answered their childhood friends & anonymous for few. But I chose a different take. I think it’s not a mandate that your partner has to be only one to be called as your soul mate? It could be anyone like your friends, parent or anyone when you don’t have any restrictions to discuss anything; without a fear of getting judged. At least this word should carry no limitation and goes beyond, transversely.
But in general, can we develop anything beyond these human relationships?

Apart from many avatars as a wife, mother, daughter, I would love to introduce myself as a spiritual person at first. Perhaps, this identity came very much earlier to my other existence. But before I move ahead, are you assuming me someone in the late fifties or sixties? Or she is the one who has nothing to discuss at this age?

We all are much ahead of our age in all terms. We have changed drastically over the years. Mentally, physically, socially, emotionally what else? Social media is the new love to find solace. Raging, raving about celebrities; new fashion on streets, gadgets, cricket, breakthrough discoveries, achievement and then someone is writing on spirituality; how boring!!

But before you reach out to a conclusion, let me clarify that I am not near to retirement age. I am much younger who can still enjoy adventurous games. Also, this is not all about the remake version of old Gyan. On the other hand, I might be one of those extinct who started spirituality at a very early age. Otherwise, this term is mostly seen in Epics like Ramayana or Mahabharata.
It all started when my parents got into it. Even they were not too old date time or it could be there seeking which paved their way to get into spirituality. But it never happened that it was being forced to me. Not denying the fact that this is one of the strongest pillars of spirituality. And we need to understand & accept that this cannot be forced upon anyone until the person herself/himself takes a lead. It took me two years to know & later I started with my own curiosity. I was 15 that time and an unofficial seeker. At large, this word has a different perception & they assume it as the dawn of your era. I was not seeking anything that time. No peace of mind & soul. I started it as an experiment like most of us keep doing with our lives. The so-called Hit & trial!
Slowly with the time, I realized how it empowers & encapsulates your positivity & channelize it. It’s not only about peace but something beyond a normal imagination. In simple words, the one who really knows how to swim can only share the joy & happiness within you.
We all know, balance is the key & much-required word in our life. Nature has its own way to maintain balance. Imbalances or any sort have its own types of repercussions. Humans are no different and surely needs a balance in every aspect, at every age.
For me, spirituality has given me balance in each moment. One also need to know that spirituality has no religion & it doesn’t differentiate people in term of rich, poor, young, old, caste & creed. You really don’t need to have grey hair to start with. It’s high time when we need to come over with an old cliché which claims the older; the better it is, to know about spirituality. Also, it can never be connected with money, the same way we don’t pay to a flower to blossom.
Over the years and with so many phases of my life, I would say, this is the only thing which stood with me -Positive, persistent & exhilarating. I learned how to respect your own-self, how to balance yourself when the outer forces disturb you to the core. I learned where I went wrong & how I improved? Spirituality enlightens you for self-introspection & to know yourself as a better person. Your behavior, outlook, reactions, and perceptions all these words just get better day by day!
It’s been more than two decades; I have grown to an adult & a parent. But the biggest strength which I have developed in these years is Introspection. I would deceive myself if I say the other guy knows better about me.
This is what the spirituality taught me. To find the answers of those questions which are already there within me. Maturity comes with age but as you delve deep into spirituality you automatically become mature. All the answers are within you, the only thing you require is little awakening & self-introspection.
And this is my answer to the question” Who is your soul mate-It’s ME & only ME
Now, the immediate question which might occur and how can someone master it?
Well, the answer I leave it to you? Probably, the path towards seeking will surely take you there. Look for your soul mate and surely you will find the peace within you even if you are bereft of all luxuries.

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