I Am Not Fair Enough To Match Your Beauty Standards But!

No denying the fact that it’s all God’s creation and he has carved everything around so impeccable! Whenever we look around we realize that how beautifully God has created us and yet everyone is different. We can’t really make even an inch closer to that. Can we? We can’t and not even a leaf similar to another one anywhere all over the world.

Well, there is nothing new about these worldly accepted lines but again and again we humans have redefined it in our own ways? The parameters have changed so drastically to witness any beauty around?

And apart from many” Fair is still beautiful”?

Who can better tell these lines who herself is dusky? It might be politically incorrect to speak on those where you don’t fall or don’t see yourself in the same shoes! Yes, I am a dusky woman and no matter what others will take me as, for me, I am much satisfied the way I look and I really don’t need to clarify anything to anyone. But I do see many mocking on skin color even if not me then many others like me. Sometimes it gives you a feel that your skin color will ultimately decide your destiny of life.

If I really need to remember the torture of being dusky then surely I can write a book. Whenever a girl is born with a dusky skin it’s more of a burden for a family or I would say nothing lesser than a crime. From the day one when you learn to sense your surroundings till never-ending sagas of criticism. School, college and every possible way you will get free advises,” You have nice features but it would be better if you would be little fairer. I don’t understand how dare can someone really utter this venom on others without any common sense? Does beauty lie only in skin color? Or being a fair is above everything around?

What about your inner beauty? What about your virtue, your attitude, and your skills? The bonding which you make with others? Your smartness to understand others, your intelligence, your awards, your education, and accolades?

People keep on giving surprise shocks by their illogical, senseless theories of being dusky or being fair. My children are fair and I was shocked when someone asked me, “Would you love them the same way if they would be dusky?” And honestly the moment I heard this, a chill ran through my spine and the temper which I couldn’t control.

For a mother, Love is foremost and not any other factor. A mother and child relationship has no boundaries to prove anything to anyone and discrimination is nowhere in her dictionary in the name of skin color or any other reason. I learned in these years how to debunk their self-made theories but I think this thinking has to change on a larger scale.

The theory of “Everything looks good on fair people”

I am not against fair skin or extra passionate for dusky ones. But is it the only parameter to judge someone? How can a skin color make you superior above all without considering other factors? Or even we don’t talk about being superior of inferior how does it is accepted as a crime?

Why can a dusky girl never think to marry to the fair guy or vice versa? How does it matter? When is it largely seen that an extremely fair girl can easily match up well with dusky or dark skin colored guy?

Why should a dusky girl avoid bright colors to wear?

And why no one sees her as beautiful?

When we talk about equality and being human then why we are still trapped in these self-made proclaims? Where is it written that dusky girls are insufficient and can never look beautiful?

Why people hesitate to marry these dusky women? Why a fair guy can’t think twice to go ahead and why there is a mindset that it happens only in love marriages?

I have no guilt being as a dusky woman who is married to a very fair guy. For me, there is nothing being dusky or being fair it all your inner beauty is what defines you at the end?

Your heart, mind soul or a brighter skin?

It would be skeptical to say that I never got any scrutiny based on my skin color or no one advised on those unlimited fair & lovely crèmes to apply. Don’t play in sun or use natural Besan or Haldi or doesn’t wear so bright colors as it doesn’t suit you.  I don’t know what happiness one can get by playing this dirty game which is biased on your skin!

The list is endless and how much you want to make them quiet you will get another set of people with similar mindsets. The only thing is just to speak out and make them understand to raise little up and think little better!!

It’s easy to point out others and judge just because they are dusky and doesn’t meet their fake beauty standards. Let them live a life free from being white or black. It’s just filth over your mind and really need a renovation.

So Please stop judging me with my complexion!!


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