I have two birthday dates!

Birthday in itself is no less than a festival. Especially amongst children.

Once you are Mom then your birthday is not the day when you are born but when you become MOM. A happiness to celebrate your children’s birthday gives you more happiness than celebrating your own.

Of course, it’s not like I have never enjoyed my birthday before motherhood. I did so every year and most of the years it was nothing less than a full day celebration. Partying out, shopping, all fun was unlimited.

But post motherhood, a scenario has changed and birthday parties of children have become more important. Arranging birthday parties for kids in itself is a great fun and achievement. Certainly, so whether you are a host or a guest you definitely need to arrange a birthday gift or return gift, So both ways all children enjoy their best. We always plan to give some special to them which they can cherish for the longer time. I  have a special story behind the birthday of my elder child which is no lesser than the best birthday for me too.

I was carrying my second child before my first kid’s third birthday. It falls in the month of April which is actually a holiday period in south India. You can a say as her birthday was approaching my due date. By chance, the due date was exactly same as in my first one.

But on 17 th of April, I felt some pains  so we went to a hospital that was just nearby. The doctor  advised it’s not so high so you can go back and once it increases then come.

But nothing happened and those pains also subsided later. Eventually, I was also planning for my elder one’s birthday. Bought birthday dress for her and few more plans for celebrations.

Again, I visited my doctor just a week before my due date. There were no pains. It was 24th  morning. She just advised have your dinner today and come to a hospital, we will see.

I did as advised and landed there by 10.30 night and by 3.36 am. my second angel was out.

I would say the best birthday gift to my elder one and which is rarely seen. Even though I am a June born but my new birthday date is April 25 where I enjoy the best with both my children with their same birthday date.

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