So called” Crown of responsiblity”

I am sure, we all have heard that old song, apne liye jiyeee tho kya jeeyee, jiyea, tuhee e dil zamaney k liye. I used to love this song earlier but now I want to change the lines.

I think it’s equally important to live for yourself, else you will end up with nothing!

This is at large applicable to all women who thinks their life is nothing but their families only. Their main motto is to look after them from dusk to dawn. Running all-around just to accomplish their basics and luxuries.

Adjusting in all directions with all possibilities. And I feel this category is not divided by SAHM or Working mom. It’s more of a Crown of responsibility that we wear all the time and which we don’t want to shift.

Down the line, the results are Anxiety, depression, Migraine, Asthma or all these stress and lifestyle related problems.

We look for every possible way to connect everything with our family.  You leave your favorite restaurant because your kid or husband has a different choice. You leave your work because it’s difficult to manage. You leave your hobbies, as there is no time to follow that passion. You leave behind everything which had reflected “You” at one time.

I understand early few years of parenting or as a wife need lot of time to be  together and to have a better understanding.

Yes, our children need us and we have to be there for them. To support, to love ,to cuddle, to hear them. But don’t you think in these daily juggling chores, we ourselves are lost.

We are killing ME. What happened to your passion for art and craft, your singing, your sewing skills, your love for watching a  movie in a theater, your sports mania, a love for watch cricket?

Where are you..just lost somewhere with no dreams and no passion to follow!

Bus life chal rahee hai..and..

Had we ever dreamt for this? I don’t think so.

Then what’s stopping us? Children, homework, husband, chores, extra work at office, deadline?

NO, we  ourselves are stopping us.

Do you think once you are late to office, things will not move?

Do you think, if you are dropping your kid in daycare for 2-3 hours, you will become bad Mom?

Do you think if you are out with your friends for a day out, leaving your children with your husband will make his life miserable?

Do you think if you don’t cook today, everyone will prefer fasting ?

No ways ,naa hee dhartee phategee naa hee asmaan. Things will remain same as usual but we will feel the difference that today I have lived for ME. Those precious hours you spent with yourself when you have moved out of the house and without your routine life, leaving it all for a break.

Just have a try-Shop for hours, go for a movie.

You might need a friend but I think going alone would be a great fun.

Just enjoy yourself and start loving and living your life again.

Start your long pending yoga classes, Music classes, singing classes, start making a designer dress as you were doing earlier and if you are on a career break and still thinks you can never join, then engage yourself in some activities. It’s equally important to engage your brain in healthy activities rather than stressing it out physically and mentally.

There is no age when you can’t learn and restart your work.Engage your brain and yourself with little ME time . You will definitely fall in love with your life again.

After all ,happy MOMs can only have happy families!



PS: This article was earlier published on mycity4kids.


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