Ageing-Up or down!


There was a time when marrying a daughter was an ultimate goal of the parents. No matter what she wanted to do or study or some dreams she is aiming at. They were marrying their girls as soon as they were in teens. Definitely, this was one of the sad and alarming situation of our society which is still killing many dreams and wishes. But thank God, now the things are little better. Education and exposure have made people change their thinking . Now the daughters have excelled in academics, sports and  almost everywhere.

Women are focusing on their career and fulfilling their dreams. No early marriages and no early pregnancies.

People are settling after they are better of professionally. I think once you get married you also plan for your family, sooner or later. This is typically an individual’s  choice as for when they want to add a new member to their clan. Sooner or later or never!

So the thirty is new twenty now and automatically pushing forty into new thirty.

Then finally the day arrives when you see someone who resembles with you, your habits, your features . Yes, the new member- a baby.

Here the struggle begins. Whether a working Mom or SAHM , both falls into the same category. A hectic life schedule. Hardly time to see yourself in a mirror, hardly time to do some makeover. All goes for a toss for few early years.

By the time your children become independent  you are already crossing 35 . Almost 50% of your life span. And automatically a feel starts hovering you that now I am aging and for whom I should look good for.

But who doesn’t want to look good, presentable? To wear those high heels, a good hair- do, a peppy nail paint.

I don’t think if you are nearing 40 so you just can’t do all these. Absolutely you can do and you have to. Definitely, you will fall in love with yourself once again the way you used to be in your twenties.

Just spare few minutes for you. Take good care of you from head to toe. Of course, I don’t mean to wear a heavy makeup all the time or something which you are not comfortable with. But be yourself and don’t  leave that spirit which you had earlier to dress up for yourself.

Enlighten yourself once again with few fashion tips and rejuvenate!


Image courtesy: Google

PS: This article was first published on mycity4kids.



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