A life well lived- as a SAHM



We all know the fact that carrying and regretting a past is for no good. It can be good, bad or forgetful. We live in present, which might be different as expected and certainly we aims at future too for which we struggle every second for the betterment.

People have their own learning with their past which they don’t want to repeat it in near future. I know we have only one life and it’s completely our decision how we are going to make it. Satisfied, unsatisfied or being filled with regrets or the best one with just happiness around.

Regretting for the past which is already over and can’t be changed!

Thinking about future which is not in our hands, as you can never predict circumstances!

And living with the present, accepting whatever way it is and trying for its betterment!

I feel, we  often face these three situations in everyday’s life. It’s completely our choice to implement it the best way in our life.  What we really want to rule over us–A happy and satisfy heart or a tricky, unsatisfied and materialistic Mind?

Or regret for past, thinking for future or to enjoy your present as a satisfied person!

Above situations are enough to justify the span of each when we find ourselves got entangled in three?

If I want to take a recap of my life then I had many Avatars in different ways. From a cheerful girl to working -girl, working- wife and now a Mom of two or a stay -at -home- mom now.

A word Stay –at- home -Mom might give you some different identification from different set of people or I would say SAHM are more vulnerable to identity crises. A situation when people will judge you more as SAHM.When they had seen you as hard core professional in your earlier Avatar and now they see you 24-hours at home. They might frown upon you as SAHM.  They might think what does a stay at home will do the whole day when she is qualified enough to work and earn.

But anyways I have always followed my heart and I had quit from my corporate work and preferred to become Stay at home Mom eight years back. It was completely my choice and thank god my husband supported it.

There is a lot of difference when you live for two as a working- couple and when you live for four as parents. Life gives you all sorts of experiences- good, bad, sweet and sour. But being a full time mom is my biggest achievement till date. Looks like nothing new in this as people have been doing since years.

Of course they are doing but now the generation is changed. In earlier times, Parents were never worried about their children’s safety, health concerns, school projects and making them busy. Now with sedentary and fast moving life everyone is busy with self but who will nurture these young saplings?

For the last eight years I have spent every second with my children. I have seen them growing, crawling, walking, their first words, their expressions and plenty of things which I can cherish my whole life through.  And within this span I had never thought of going back to work or I never got time to even relax and think that yes, now I should join back.

Really time flies and these eight years of my life when I have traveled as a stay at home Mom had the best years or I can say :”A life well lived”.

And it’s an honest confession that being too workaholic once upon a time I had never imagined that one day my priorities will get changed. What future has planned for you never know!

But I love this phase, the one thing which I remember the most-Those smiles, tiny steps, cute little hands and indeed a reflection of you. Children don’t know what is right, what is wrong, regret, jealousy, competition and all materialistic things. They just know pure love and compassion and I feel what could be the best in your life when you are embracing every second of your life with these two powerful words-Love and compassion.

And absolutely No regrets for anything!


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’








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