5 Easy ways for healthy mind and body



Have you ever got envied with those fitness freak friends? I am sure must be! Even though we know it’s a matter of choice for each to be fit or to be bindass. Few do prefer to burn their extra calories all the time and some are left to gorge on delicious food!

But the facts remain the same and we just can’t ignore few important guidelines for our healthy lifestyle.If I really see two decades back then our lifestyle, working culture, technology, and the environment has changed with leaps and bounds. Working 24/7, unhealthy eating habits, no physical exercise and myriad of things which has taken a center stage in our lives. Day by day we are unwanted falling prey to poor lifestyle and severe health issues.

But do we have any way out?

Can we really make it better with our mundane task? 

Will it be time-consuming?

And so many questions all around which keep pestering us when we think of this. But yes, we do have a solution and everyone knows about it.Well, as per my personal experience for the last five years or since the time we joined the bandwagon of fitness freak people. I feel and experienced too that little extra efforts at an individual level are must to maintain a healthy lifestyle and believe me 50% of your health worries will be taken care of in near future.

I remember five years back when my husband got diagnosed with Diabetes. Well, no surprise for us as this is a family history for him.We had no other options to accept it. And to be very honest till that time we were not much concerned about staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.The doctor gave us a big list of rules to follow! He was in his mid-thirties that time when one needs to be extra careful to maintain sugar levels. Obviously, we just can’t ignore our sedentary lifestyle too Or the only option left was to fight it back with the solution.

He is in IT job and can’t deny the fact that most of his work is a seating job and working in odd hours just making it worse.That period was a real challenge for both us. And more challenging as that time we had become new parents to our younger one. We tried our best to maintain it in every aspect. Had changed our food habits and added Yoga in our lifestyle. Few things that we followed that time had really helped him to maintain his sugar level,  cholesterol, and a healthy heart. No doubt we are still following the same:

  • We had reduced our oil intake. It could be through avoiding fried items, deep fry stuff, no paranthas, Roti without ghee, junk food.
  • We inculcated millet in our routine. Oats and Ragi are the handy options available.
  • A daily brisk walk of 20 minutes could be in evening or morning as per your working hours.
  • And the biggest life changer was Yoga. Yes. I must admit that even 15 minutes of daily yoga can bring a huge makeover in your life. Where you know you just don’t need to depend on machines to burn out your extra calories. When you know you don’t need to hunt for a park to jog. One can do it any time of the day. Just a mat and you!
  • Most importantly- Try Meditation. It’s equally important to soothe your mental well being. Both mental and physical health is interconnected. Either way, it will affect you to be a happy person.

I must admit few breathing exercises and yoga postures really helped my husband to maintain his sugar levels.Of course, we never had so unhealthy lifestyle previously but we have made it to a routine post his diabetic phase.

A heavy and healthy breakfast is first and must for everyone. Additionally, it’s good to have 4-5 short meals instead of 3 heavy ones. Carrying home food to office is one of the best options. One can eat and carry as much as Indian food with less oil. There is absolutely no harm in this.

 A healthy mind resides in the healthy body or ultimately healthy heart.

Note: We belong to teetotaler category: so for those who really want healthy mind and soul then they need to cut on those cigarettes and alcohol consumption.

After all, it’s your choice and your life. The decision is always yours!


“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”



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2 thoughts on “5 Easy ways for healthy mind and body

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  1. Hi Ekta Bhabhi. Good post. Just wanted to add a few lines: healthy lifestyle has to include minimum two litres of drinking water everyday as it drastically reduces the stress on the liver which in case of low water consumption will have to work harder for detoxifying us while allowing the Kidneys to relax.


    1. Hi Akshay! Thanks for reading and dropping by. Yes indeed water is must and we cant just deny it. The reason i didn’t write it because we have been following this for years its ingrained in our routine, so no water issues!
      Yes, of course for those who don’t drink sufficient need to add extra liters.


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