The Empty Train-Adventure, Fear and an entertainment!



The empty train can be looked upon in three different ways by three sets of people. I would say through a Man’s prospective, a woman’s and through a child’s view. This is in particular to India where struggle starts from early morning. Getting into the empty train can be good, bad or may be a different experience altogether. But on a larger scale, especially in metro cities they are the lifeline for a common man and indeed only way to reach out to desired destinations.

As the title says,” The empty Train”. How it can a different for people around? Here it is:

What would be a man’s reaction?

When you see a train devoid of people, the first impression indeed would be happy. You no need to juggle yourself in between people. You can easily get into your choice of compartment. You don’t need to hold your valuables tightly in a fear of losing them to anyone. You can sit on ladies seat as well and chill out as there won’t be any feminist around asking for their rights. You can lie down, change as many as seats one can, run, can have as many as selfies around. After all, no one is there to stop you and to judge you.

In fact, the empty train can sometimes gives you jitters of getting inside alone. But more or less, a man will not think much before getting into the empty train for a while.


How about woman getting into the empty train?

Full of doubts! How safe it is for a girl to enter all alone in the empty train. First of all, she will look her watch whether it’s a day or night; sun is setting or still a day light? She might fear of eve teasing, cat calling. And the most dreaded one- Rape. When she knows she is in a country where no one bothers when you shout for help! Even when perpetrators of most dreaded Nirbhaya case are getting well fed in the jail over the years, who will listen to her? She knows, even if she won’t be wrong but would be judged by many as why she dared to enter in that train. She knows she might feel free in empty train and would love to; though she no need to struggle to fetch a seat and no teasing by other co- passengers  who takes undue advantage of being in overcrowded public transport. Still she will think hundred times before getting into that train. A situation when her brain will over rule her heart. I wish no girl or woman in India need to worry so much before she boards the empty train any time of the day.


How children will react?

This is one of the happiest phase of  human cycle. Best time when children are full of innocence and honesty. Children just love train. Whether empty, full, old, new, toy train or original one. I would say they are the ones who can enjoy the best of empty train. They can hang themselves like a Tarzen, running around without any halt, shouting high when there is no one to stop them. Playing hide and seek and all sort of games which they can enjoy in a train. Thank God! They don’t have a fear of future which they might get later on. They don’t really need to dig their brains to worry about their safety.


How beautiful it would be for everyone if they all can enjoy;any time of the day;irrespective of their gender and worries-The Empty Train.


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’



Image courtesy: Google Images


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