She opened a blank Notebook-She was happy and perplexed!



There was a time when she was a cute little girl of 7 years. A shy and introvert in nature! She was not amongst those who would tell each of their story to the parents. Most of the time her Mom really had to put words in her mouth to know the reality. A much disciplined child indeed and who ever had known  to her never complained for anything!

This is common in human nature, difficult to change. Few people observe more than to talk . They reciprocates through facial expressions and don’t prefer to speak out. They do love and care for other but little less expressive. But no alternative for them.

Her parents were also little concerned for her. They were finding the ways how she could tell her stories/incidents to them.  How she spend time in school? How was her tour? What new things she learnt in school?

In fact she was an excellent speaker in mass. In school, she had been always in chosen ones for speech or any kind of presentation.

But the entire effort of her parents to make her express didn’t work.

She was an avid reader. One who  always had a passion for good read and novel! Who always had a priority to spend time with books. It could be of her favorite and  famous author Roald Dhal and not leaving aside the short stories too.

But her habit of not talking much was still maintaining the same silence.

During one of her PTM (Parents teacher meeting), her teacher told,” let her write her own experience and expression  herself  through a pen”.

Parents wondered, at this tender age?

Anyway nothing wrong in getting a diary to write.

So one weekend, they secretly kept one beautiful diary being wrapped in pink paper inside her book shelf.  A small sized diary, comfortable to hold and write too.

They didn’t disclose it about that.

Next day, by evening when she was looking for her books,she noticed one beautifully wrapped gift placed over her school books. She was perplexed but happy. After all it was neither her birthday nor any other occasion where she had excelled and expecting a gift. She opened it in a jiffy and was curious too to know the surprise. She found a new diary to write and which only belonged to her- her secret diary.

Her Mom told her to write whatever she feels like to in this diary. She was overwhelmed with joy. Even though a diary can’t be a big achievement or award  but children are so innocent and pure that they find happiness in every small thing.

She immediately turned the first page and wrote her details with colourful pens. Definitely that diary was not less than a medal for her which she had loved the most. She knew the fact that it’s just not a blank diary for her but much more than that.

A diary of expression.

A diary, that will grow with her as the time passes by.

A diary that will read out all her emotions which she couldn’t express

A diary full of sweet memories.

A diary that was straight through her heart.

A diary, which might be blank now but soon will be adorned with beautiful letters.

A diary of touch and feel.

A diary of a child, through a child and with a child- forever and ever.

May be after few years when she might get etched to all these hi-tech gadgets to write but the happiness is writing on a paper is incompatible. Ultimately it was a blank notebook which had turned out as her best friend with little ME time.


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’




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