Flowers at the door- A budget factor!





I am sure flowers must be on hit list which everyone really likes to pamper with and even most demanding by God. In case, if you are blessed to be in a Bengaluru ( a city of flowers) than  you have a privilege to witness the best, rare and variety of flowers all year through.

I remember the first time when I had been to famous city market, which is a whole sale market and a centre point of flowers for all over the Bangalore. The area in itself was aromatic and beautiful! Different colours and different types of flowers were just adding the beauty of one of the oldest place.

Flowers will definitely make you feel good or I would say, has the power to switch your mood to the happiest one!

This is the power of nature and especially reins with flowers. It has its own power to suppress all negativities around and spreading positive vibes.

Well, as on personal level. Being from Delhi I remember flowers were little restricted to festivals and Valentine’s Day. The culture of giving a bouquet was nothing less than wastage of money. As the perception was,” why to waste so much money on flowers, when you could actually buy some long lasting gift”. Errrrr!

Who can dare to teach older generation in terms of money when you yourself are dependent on them? Ha!

Anyway, as the time passes by, gifting flowers were always on last till my marriage.

And one day, early morning on my birthday, I was surprised by cake and a bouquet of flowers at my doorstep. I was perplexed and happy too and knew that only Mr. Husband can send that! It would be skeptical to say that exchanging a bouquet within us still continues. Sending and receiving surprise flowers on occasion is always beautiful and gives you a feel of content!


Once you are married with school going children too, you might twist this situation with your monthly budget. Isn’t it?

Yes, it is! When you see the soaring prices of everything and every second day,  automatically your obsession of flowers takes a back seat. You think Oh, we could even buy a book or some accessories or could be anything material.

This is the fact of life, I must admit- Bouquet of flowers, red Roses, a bunch of Daisy all looks pretty and everyone loves to feel the aromas and love but the facts remain the same that now we buy them only as an additional gift or offering to a God.

I still feel flowers can really make someone special irrespective of their age, relation or religion. Flowers will always be welcomed with warmth and harmony and sense of care and love too. It doesn’t bind you with your status and materialistic things. One can just express it even with a stick of flower.

A feeling, which is not restricted till few relations like girlfriend – boyfriend, husband- wives but from anyone to anyone.

Whenever I get flowers as surprised gift it makes me more connected to the person. Facts remain the same as;”Nature still holds the biggest power to make someone happy without spending much”.

I wish I could continue the same exchange of flowers whole life through without giving a second thought on budgeting!


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