Just a day out with Nature, need of an hour!


Closed air conditioned walls, artificial air, frozen food, no lung space. If you are still struggling with your thoughts what I am talking about than you might hit it right if you have thought of Malls. Yes, these array of upcoming Mall culture that is in vogue in and around.

With so much of artificial life in us, this will reduce one step back towards living naturally or living with nature!

I feel Mall is a place where you need to prove yourself while entering that you don’t belong to a terrorist community and while coming out you also have to brag that you are not a thief!

Phew! So much of security check!

Play area? Yes, of course, a shrink-ed one and for which they charge exorbitantly high.

What? Video games…yes, of course……. plenty of and unlimited. This is what all children do at home all the day on smartphones and with hi-tech electronic gadgets. Not a big deal if they want to extend their playing hours there.Do they really need to hang out on these even outside?

Yummy Food…C’mon not always…frozen, junk with T and C applied!

I mean, what’s the fuss around venturing out in Malls. In case, you have planned to go during the weekend than struggle starts from parking slot till you enter inside by standing in a long queue.

How can a person relax or de-stress there? At least I can’t. Going in Mall on weekend is no lesser than a KUMBH ka Mela. People-people all around.


Yes, of course, we have. How much ever we curse Government but no denying the fact that few or I would say many Parks have been maintained by them for all. Huge parks, fresh air, ponds, swings, lung space, play area and definitely a place where you just no need to prove that you are not from the terrorist gang!

A huge parking lot with a minimum charge. Spend as many hours as you can with your family and friends. Play with them, run, cycle and all possible physical activities that you really miss over every week. Carry your home cooked food along with you and few things of outdoor play to keep you engaged like football, badminton rackets, ludo or coloring books for children. And a camera too if you are passionate about photography. You could never get better shots that nature!

Happiness or satisfaction doesn’t come with spending a huge money all the time. Happiness is spending time with Nature which is taking the reverse side in most of our lives and which really need no expense to explore.

I am not sure about other cities but here in Bengaluru, there are plenty. Lal bagh botanical garden, Cubbon park and much more. Of course, every city has its own natural beauty to explore and one must try hard to find and spend a time with nature.

I promise your children will love to spend a day there and indeed you too!

Just a day out with nature! Have a try!


Image courtesy: Google Images



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