Godliness in Greenery

Worshipping God is somehow innately in almost all Indians. Leaving aside few atheists!

Since we born till last breath; beginning of a day or an end, one-time event of life or reoccurring; all starts and ends with God. Rituals we follow, Vedas, Puranas and almost all!

We clean our house and always make sure that we dump all garbage outside. We always try out our best to offer natural things to God. Flowers, home-made -sweets, nuts, fruits. We also make sure if we can afford to offer that it in silver vessels. Absolutely No plastic and no dirt! Just Spic and span!

But why we avoid plastic? Why we are so adamant in serving in an organic way? Of course, we know it’s impure. Impure in all ways! Not healthy, not user friendly, not environment friendly and not even health friendly.

Even, throwing a small toffee wrapper on road won’t cost anything but it does cost much to everyone on a larger scale. It cost to whole society, may be not now but down the years when this earth will become plastic earth. Every plastic ultimately affects trees, plantations in and around, animals that were left loose to feed themselves. What they eat at the end- plastic. It could be a wrapper or milk packets or carry bags.

When we believe that every living thing is a God’s creature than why we don’t consider these prospects?

I remember when we had shifted to Bengaluru a decade back we heard it’s a city of gardens and lakes. Indeed I felt so! The outer ring road stretch which was a green belt once upon a time now completely turned to a concrete jungle. You will now hardly find that lush green area that was used to a beauty of nature.

Nature has own power and process to balance its system. Any forest where humans are still restricted will be more balanced than the otherwise. I remember last month I was passing by Agumbe Forest which is one of the dense and beautiful forest of Western Ghats in Karnataka. The beauty lies there in it is mesmerizing and amazing.

In between when we were driving down the hills, I had noticed that one girl who was in another car just threw all the plastic packets in between. She had definitely made her handbag clean by doing so but polluted the nature. I wish I could collect all those and reverse that situation!

With this kind of attitude, people tell themselves a civilized citizen. How?

Does civilized person means they should only make their houses extra clean?

Does civilized person means, I am done with my work and to hell with the nature and cleanliness?

I feel these attributes doesn’t comes with some degrees or scholarships. Maintaining a nature is a voluntary work. And not lastly but yes, everyone owes to nature or ultimately GOD.

The only thing we can pledge is to reduce the plastic use and by safeguarding plantations. Not only that it’s equally important to pass on this message to our next generation so that they gets the habit of saving it the best way.

Greenery is not a one or two day task. It takes years and years to grow for a single tree and seconds to cut it. Swapping to organic lifestyle is not the solution but it’s an individual choice as how he/she looks forward to stay in a healthy environment.


PS: ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Image Courtesy:  green ME




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