Another soul killed!


It’s really a challenge to have a glance on newspaper every morning especially in between the morning madness when you are completely engrossed in your chores. But most of the times reading newspaper in early morning is more of depressing than boosting your thoughts.

Today I was completely shocked to read the news when a girl who has been staying in PG in Bengaluru, has been raped on a knife point. A chill ran through my spine! Shocking!

There were 60 girls staying in that PG and this girl was in 5 th floor with an another room sharing girl. The other girl had a night shift so the door was left open.

Around 2.30 in the morning one unknown person armed with knife entered the room, woke her up and demanded all her valuables. She tried to shout but couldn’t and when the person couldn’t get any money from her, he raped her.

One more soul killed!

I don’t know where we are heading. One way we talk about liberation, freedom, education and another side we women starve for basic safety.

I had never stayed in any PG or hostel. But I have seen them closely. In fact, few months back when one of our family friend’s daughter got her placement here in Bangalore, we were been asked to look for a PG for her. We hunted for it too and really surprised to see the actual situation of these ladies who don’t have many options to survive at lower or affordable cost. Of course, no one can afford to have separate flat and here in Bangalore renting out a flat means one need to shell out ten times of one month rent as a fixed deposit to owner. How can a student or a fresher will pay this huge amount. PG s here are like no lesser than zoo or ATM machines, certainly animals in zoo have better place to stretch around and fresh air to breathe. They are just making money from them. The limit is not only that but even in kitchen they have put a bed so that even that space can be used to earn money.

Pathetic and Horrible!

And the worst scenario is if any girl raises her voice for any abnormalities than the care taker has full right to chuck her out or use any kind of language to her. The only reason is because they are women. Even a road side fellow has a mentality that he has a power to suppress a woman of any level!

The mentality to suppress this class is not yet improved. They think they are alone in thecity and no one to take care of them. So let’s exploit to all extent.

No security, no proper food, no cleanliness and sometimes no electricity also. I know many girls here who are struggling with their life in PGs and most of the time they have many weird cases to share.

The situation is already worst and now this rape case in a PG must have shattered many other souls also. Why Govt don’t take any steps to overcome such cases. Why the culprits of Nirbhaya case are still well fed in jail. Why all rape cases ultimately given a political turn?

When the situation will turn positive?

When parents feel free to send their daughters to anywhere in India for studies or work?

I don’t know when? But these cases always left me speechless!



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