5 Easy ways for healthy mind and body

  Have you ever got envied with those fitness freak friends? I am sure must be! Even though we know it’s a matter of choice for each to be fit or to be bindass. Few do prefer to burn their extra calories all the time and some are left to gorge on delicious food! But... Continue Reading →


Godliness in Greenery

Worshipping God is somehow innately in almost all Indians. Leaving aside few atheists! Since we born till last breath; beginning of a day or an end, one-time event of life or reoccurring; all starts and ends with God. Rituals we follow, Vedas, Puranas and almost all! We clean our house and always make sure that... Continue Reading →

Another soul killed!

It’s really a challenge to have a glance on newspaper every morning especially in between the morning madness when you are completely engrossed in your chores. But most of the times reading newspaper in early morning is more of depressing than boosting your thoughts. Today I was completely shocked to read the news when a... Continue Reading →

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