Organic Within!


Big carpet areas, cool !expensive chandeliers, premium cars. Sounds cool! Who hasn’t dreamt of this? Every time I go out and see people pouring into designer shops, jewelry showrooms and most importantly buying organic stuff too which is in vogue.  Few are very particular also “only organic” if you can afford to have it. Sometimes it looks like they have a different mindset too for the same thing.One way they love to have that pure fragrance of soil which comes from organic vegetables and on the other hand, they actually don’t allow themselves and their children to indulge in nature to play in the mud and to swing along the cool breeze.

Must say what an irony!Mother earth or nature is also organic. No doubt but why this dilemma and double sided thoughts? I remember during my childhood I used to play in the mud most of the day no matter how dirty my hands and clothes would get. Hanging around trees to get their fruits, actually never bothered by both kids and parents as a concern.I agree there were fewer options indeed and we had optimized it fully in all manner. Many decades over but mother earth is still the same, only its being sold in stores branded as “Organic”.

The time has come wherein I hardly see children playing in the mud and rain water. Not sure if it is the extra precautionary syndrome from infections or we are not letting them drench in nature and being organic themselves.

Nature in itself is Organic and we have to accept it. We should see how we can drench ourselves into it. Why sit inside luxury homes and watching home theaters when we can afford to have fresh air from outside. Why is our society is shrinking even though we are heading toward development and a better future? Why we have restricted ourselves to the four walls and don’t want to peep outside. Yes, there is more brightness and freshness than inside. Cool breeze, the chirping of birds, rattling sound of tricycles and many more beautiful things. Yes, all are there and we just need an eye to capture and a heart to feel. So instead of falling prey to organic, lets become organic within, which is more healthy.




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