The Balanced Diet Mantra – Get The Essential Nutrients You Are Missing Out On!

In our lifetime, we keep innovating ideas and inventions to make our life easy. Perhaps, our past lives were too menial compared to the luxury we have now. The luxury of machines and equipment were always on the last periphery. Having said that, those generations never struggled hard to maintain their sanity and live a... Continue Reading →


Why you should not learn the art of bodyshaming!

Recently I finished reading “Dumplin” by Julie Murphy, a bestselling YA book. I picked it up on the resident teenager’s recommendation, who declared that you should not miss this book before you turn 18. But hold on, before you conclude that I am a naïve teenager who is writing an unwanted review, let me clarify... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Gifting!

Selecting gifts for children is no child’s play! Being a mother of two, I can imagine the war of thoughts which can run into your mind. Even for own children, it's not an easy task to select a surprise gift. Incomplete information and selecting any random gift from the most demanding brand can sometimes leave... Continue Reading →

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